Best of Bali…….

My family and I jetted off to Bali this summer for our summer holidays and to celebrate my granddad’s 75th birthday. We travelled from London to Bali via Singapore on Singapore Airlines. The Journey time to Singapore was 12 hours thankfully we had planned a stopover for a night!

We arrived at Singapore international which was very large and modern and while waiting for our bags we decided to shop and take part in the airport raffle which unfortunately we didn’t win anything but it kept us busy until our bags arrived.

Once we got our bags we headed off to our hotel, Marina Bay Sand Hotel. The journey time took approximately 30 minutes but enroute we saw the Formula 1 Singapore track which is which was amazing! I have also just found out that Justin Bieber is planning to headline their closing concert this year, WOW! The hotel was busy but had amazing views over Singapore and the F1 track. After such a long flight swimming in the infinity pool was worth the long journey. After unwinding in the pool we headed off on a whistle stop tour of Singapore visiting the markets, main streets and ended up at a great seafood restaurant where we feasted on fresh crab and shrimp. I’m not one for getting my hands dirty so I asked my uncle to peel it all for me, I also think it tasted better when someone else does all the hard work. After dinner it was back to the hotel for an early night ready for our short flight over to Bali the next morning.

I was excited to get to Bali so thankfully the flight was only 2 hours from Singapore! As soon as we stepped off the plane the humidity hit us! It was so hot….we knew we were in for good weather! We arrived at the hotel and it was amazing. From the moment we arrived, the service and overall treatment was great. We checked in and went off to our rooms which were spacious and well decorated. The next morning we got up to relax by the pool we soon realised that sitting together could be a problem as there are so many of us! So we reserved a cabana for the rest of our time which meant we always had our own space. The hotel had great facilities, a spa, table sports, an amazing pool and water sports! It kept us all entertained for the rest of our stay!

After some relax time we went off to explore Bali….the night markets were great, there is so much variety that we loved spending time just browsing through the stalls. Near the markets there was a busy nightlife consisting of clubs, bars and restaurants. We went into a cool rooftop club which had different floors of music suited to all genres. The best part was the view from the top! We also did a few cultural visits of the various temples and rice fields. The best excursion we did was visiting the Monkey Garden. We weren’t allowed to touch them but we could feed them bananas which they obviously loved. The Monkey’s were left to run wild around us which was a little scary but good fun.

On the day of my granddads birthday we had set aside a whole day of celebrations. My sister and I had to get up extra early (which is hard for us!) to ensure we had breakfast with him. After breakfast we relaxed by the pool until his first surprise arrived. The hotel had made a beautiful cake for him which he loved. The day was spent relaxing in our cabana and that evening we had booked a special outdoor restaurant which specialised in Indian cuisine which is his favourite! The food was excellent, lovely and spicy and he really enjoyed it! The restaurant brought out another cake with a party hat for him to wear. I think he enjoyed his birthday with all his family around him.


In summary, Bali was a great destination; great weather, lots of things to do, good shopping, lovely restaurants and amazing hotels. Although it was a long way to go it was worth the experience and I would recommend Bali to anyone who wants a fun yet relaxing holiday!


Kajal Patel – Intern

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