Forward to the Future

The opportunity to sit down and watch one of many classic movies over the Xmas break (in this instance, Back to the Future II) got me thinking about technology and how much things have changed in my relatively (ahem) short time on earth. According to Back to the Future II, sending information by fax was going to be the most efficient way to communicate in 2015. We are still a year away from 2015, but I am pretty sure that sending information by fax, if not entirely, will be nearly obsolete by then. Other predictions that were also out of step with reality, such as hoverboards in every home, sadly reflected an overly-optimistic view of how great our technological advances were going in the 26 years following the film’s release.

But they didn’t get everything wrong. Other than watching multiple television channels on one screen (possible, albeit confusing), wall-mounted widescreen TVs, video advertising and TV glasses (think Google Glass), the film predicted the rise of the tablet and the advent of video conferencing. And it is the latter two that got me thinking about event technology, and how great an opportunity it provides for us and our clients.

We’ve used mobile event apps to coordinate Q&A sessions, allow delegates to select breakout sessions, IM other delegates, and, of course, provide them with all the logistical information they need to ensure that they make it to the event, and know where they need to be when. We’ve provided live twitter walls at client parties, and used smart technology to allow delegates to engage directly in conference sessions with the presenters. But despite all of this, I can’t help but think we are merely scratching the surface of how we can use technology to enhance the effectiveness of the events we organise. Let us know if we can help you work on an event technology solution for your event – it would be great to see how close (metaphorically speaking!) we could get to hoverboards in every home.

– Lucy

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