“ Have you seen the secret room?… all is not what it seems”

How do you create a party to reflect the young vibrant nature of your delegates on the back of an “unconventional conference”, with the theme “all is not what it seems” in the stunning stately home of Carton House located a short drive from Dublin?
Where to start… Food. Everyone remembers the food. For food to be “all is not what it seems”, we only needed one man….Heston Blumenthal…..Heston was busy with food poisoning. Step up Bubble Food. After a spectacular 20+ course tasting, we settled on dishes such as lamb lollipops with minted bubbles, spherified liquid silver ‘crystal balls’ and sheppard’s pie with mini pints of Guinness gravy all presented on spectacular food stations in fitting with the ornate house. Supplement this with cocktail bars overloaded with enough dry ice to freeze the Sahara and cocktails that change flavour during consumption and you have a stunning visual and flavoursome experience keeping guests mystified.

Add in the entertainment. Actors, Tap Dancing Twins, a Contortionist, an LED saxophonist, an Illusionist, a mind reader, a vintage photobooth, a champagne tower and a variety of bizarre props and guests are kept guessing with a unique experience around every corner in the maze of rooms that is Carton House.
Just when guests think they have seen it all...“Have you seen the secret room?” is whispered into unsuspecting ears by the “heir and heiress” to Carton House “come this way”. One by one guests are picked off and slipped into the darkened library. Surrounded by ancient books they are told the history of house. A secret door creaks open from the bookcase and guests are marched through a dimly lit jungle of palm trees, rabbits, bizarre sounds into a pitch black room. POP!… the illusionist appears. After a bewildering private show they are sent via a back door to the continuing party trying to comprehend what they have just experienced… all is not what it seems.
The result… A party that when asked “how was last night?” the answer is… “it’s hard to explain, just look at my selfies”.
As my first event with Principal Global Events this was an interesting one!
Mark Throup

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