My Invitation to the Monaco Grand Prix – wow!!


SBM Hotels kindly invited me and one of our closest clients out to Monaco to watch the Grand Prix qualifiers. Of course, I said no (yeah right!) and what a day it was…. Although the day began at 4am (I had to blow dry my hair – going to Monaco with bad hair is not an option).

We were collected from the airport and taken straight to the harbour which had the most impressive yachts I have ever seen. What was fascinating was the fact that yacht owners rent out their space for a few days during the Grand Prix and for those days alone, they are able to recover their years mooring fee – which says it all!

We watched the second race from the SBM stand which had a fantastic view of the track but the noise of the cars was so loud, we actually had to put our ear plugs in and they remained firmly in place for the rest of the race.

For the third race we went to Hotel Hermitage’s terrace for lunch and a few bottles of bubbly.  The hotel was absolutely stunning (I would recommend it to anyone) and the champagne was just as good! A few bottles later we sadly had to get the transfer back to the airport and say goodbye to the sunshine.

It was an amazing experience and I would like to say a huge thank you to Ugo Delroy from SBM hotels who really does know how to entertain!

– Joanne Stevenson

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