My rainy site inspection to Sorrento, Italy

After spending the beginning of the week slightly excited about going to a country where you are not continually standing under grey clouds, you can imagine my face when we arrived in Sorrento, Italy to rain, grey clouds and being unable to see Mount Vesuvius himself!  My sensible footwear of Converse Trainers seemed a good idea at the time!  On arrival at our first port of call, a beautiful castle on the outskirts of Sorrento the rain began! Walking around the castle grounds in the drizzling rain however did not bother me as I knew we were bound for a menu tasting session!……..3 bread rolls, 8 courses and 6 wines later I think I have just eaten my weight in food!  After the mammoth menu tasting we were then bound for Capri.  When we arrived at the hydrofoil the rain and wind combined with being on the sea filled me with joy! (not)….After a slightly bumpy journey and eating copious amounts of mints to deter sea sickness we arrived in Capri….it was then the heavens opened and the converse trainers were now sopping wet!  After viewing a lovely hotel and several gorgeous Italian restaurants (one of which had the biggest lemons I have ever seen!) we returned back to Sorrento to the Hilton Hotel where it was time to freshen up before visiting another restaurant!  The evening consisted of yet more delicious food and wine combined with cake specially made for us by the owner of the restaurant.  It was then back to the hotel….at this point after the amount of food I have consumed I was wondering if the plane will actually take off tomorrow!!

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