New York, New York!

It wasn’t a bad start in my first week of working with Principal to be asked if I’d like to work onsite in New York three weeks later!  New York is a city I’ve had a love affair with for quite some time so I was unashamedly overexcited to go.

So, 3 weeks later I arrived at JFK airport and was happy to be greeted by a friendly face, Charlotte, who was holding up signs to welcome the groups.  We made our way gliding past Manhattan’s skyline to the Conrad hotel which provided the accommodation alongside the conference facilities for our client’s group in the centre of the financial district. The first day I spent having my own little fight with jet lag whilst greeting our client’s group to the hotel.

The highlight of my second day was watching the event unfold at Wooster St Social Club (to television addicts like you or me it’s the place where NY ink is filmed) where the client’s offsite party was being held. The venue was edgy, rustic and features throughout the event were innovative. I have never seen food presented in such alternative ways. Hanging cheese and meatball panes were suspended and canapés were presented on corkscrews and nails. It goes without saying the attention to detail throughout this event was impressive. A key feature at this event was also a tattoo station where delegates could get a stamp of anything they desired. Anupa and Steph even got an I love Principal tattoo stamped across them (that was a joke, but they did get something pretty funky stamped!!)

A striking part of the event came on my second day at Tribeca 360 where our client’s Gala party was held. The venue (calling out again to my fellow television addicts) was where Gary Barlow filmed ‘X Factor’ for group auditions the week before. The 360 degree panoramic views of the city and river provided the perfect backdrop for this party. The attention to detail in event design was impressive, the food was sensational offering delicacies from around the world but the most notable part of the evening was the break dancing act. The break dancers were so talented and brought a real raw New York Downtown feel to their act. The dancers performed in front of an 18m wide Graffiti backdrop which gave the act a real authentic feel.

After the past few days of conferences and offsite dinners and parties for our clients, it was time for them to sit back and enjoy some New York City Tours. I was on the New York TV & Movies Tour which offered something for everyone. Whether it was seeing the outside of the apartment from the hit TV show ‘Friends’, (which was my personal favourite) or seeing where the movie ‘Ghostbusters’ was set, the tour provided something exciting  for everyone.

There were too many highlights to this event to mention them all. The entire event exceeded the client’s expectations, offering so many impressive and well thought out features. It would be fair to say it was a true success! Well done to all the Principal team, and thank you for a great first onsite experience with the company!

– Rachel F

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