Principal Global Events Tackles Tough Mudder 2018


As part of our commitment to ensure CSR is at the forefront of our strategy in 2018, Principal have embarked upon a number of charitable initiatives to ensure that the work we do, the opportunities we have, and the awareness we raise can be channelled toward doing good for the community in which we live and work.

This year has seen us become an official partner of Meeting Needs – the event industry Charity as well as partner with St Mungos to donate left over event t-shirts to the homeless. It has seen our team collect hotel toiletries from their worldwide travel to donate to the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants, and finally, it has seen the team work together to raise £1000 for the Mind charity, the mental health charity, by participating in the gruelling, physically and mentally challenging obstacle course Tough Mudder.

On Saturday 29th September, five of our spirited, enthusiastic and somewhat terrified team, led by our Director Anupa White, embarked upon the toughest, muddiest challenge of the year in Crawley.  With as much training as a busy job in the events industry can allow, bucket loads of determination and the promise of a cold cider at the end of the course, the team ran 5 miles, battling 13 obstacles.  Such obstacles were not for the faint hearted, including the Everest Wall, a vertical incline that participants had to run up, with teammates and strangers alike pulling people over, or the Kiss of Mud, a track of 2-inch-thick mud under a barbed wire ceiling that the group had to crawl through.

Needless to say, when Monday morning rolled around, bruises and horror stories were shared, and the rest of us non-participants couldn’t help feeling incredibly proud of our adventurous counter parts!  Principal. Global Events are still raising funds for the Mind Charity, an organisation dedicated to providing advice, and support to those struggling with mental health, and campaigning to raise awareness and understanding for all.  If you’d like to donate, we’d welcome your contributions to put towards our target and support this amazing charity, just follow the link and give what you can.


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