How do we plan for 2021?

Planning future business events in 2021

This year, for the first time in a generation, the world has been united in a global interruption of family life, work life and social connection. Closeness became distance and everything in events changed. With our thoughts now turning to the New Year (yes, hello Winter!), how do we even begin to plan confidently for

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Creating a buzz around your virtual event!

As the outbreak of COVID-19 pushes more events towards a virtual format, clients are searching for new ways to engage with attendees before an event takes place. As many event planners know, it can be tricky to keep an audience engaged during a face-to-face live event. Now, shift the experience to online and attendees face a new set

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The new normal: reimagining events in a Covid-19 world.

Covid Welcome packs

Slowly but surely, many countries have been easing their imposed travel and leisure restrictions, and as we emerge from our various states of lockdown we face the reality that life will simply not return to the ‘good old days’ circa January 2020 for a while. Instead, we are having to adjust to a new normal and reimagine

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