Venturing beyond Madrid

Madrid is a fantastic destination for events, offering so much that when running an event there we rarely venture outside of it. However, last week we were running an event in a hotel on the outskirts of the city, which afforded us the perfect opportunity to venture beyond the city itself.

Alcala is a picturesque town located about twenty miles from Madrid. Alcala is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Spain and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Its rich monumental heritage is formed by its churches convents and university buildings, which gives a glimpse of life during the Spanish Golden Age. We arranged for the group to have dinner at La Cupula Restaurant. The restaurant used to be a church, and combines the breathtaking grandeur of a baroque building with art works displayed on the walls. The food is traditional Spanish cuisine, and the dishes served included thin cut Spanish chorizo, montechego cheese for starters, beef or hake for main and a delicious light pudding with fruits and pastry.

This restaurant was a fantastic ending for delegates after a long training day; they got to experience some culture with a short walk from the square to the restaurant. The restaurant beat the client’s expectations and the group were very impressed with the high quality dishes and service, it was a success.

A great onsite experience – looking forward to venturing a little further again next time!

– Chloe


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