Milan – Product Launch

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The brief

Our client is a global front-runner in the software and technology market and needed a suitably show-stopping event for the biggest launch in its history. Over 150 technology journalists and VIPs in the industry had been invited from around the globe to this European hub, and the launch needed to be high impact and memorable to impress and create a buzz in the technology world.

The solution

The press launch was also being used to announce a sponsorship deal related to Formula 1, which meant that a Formula 1 host city made perfect sense for this momentous event. The launch was also to be broadcast all over the world on the client’s own TV channel, so where better to put on this event than a TV studio in the glamorous city F1 city of Milan? The layout, versatility and facilities of the venue would work perfectly for the client’s ambitious vision of a huge scale production.

The verdict

From the long tunnel entrance, filled with racing car engine noises, building anticipation, to the stunning impact as you first entered the blank, cavernous space transformed into a spectacle of technological advance, it was a feast for the senses. The high end delivery of every aspect of the multi-faceted launch meant that the event was declared an unqualified success by the client, press and VIPs.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Event: Product Launch
  • Group: 170 people