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Mamma Mia, Kali Orexi!

In 2023, Principal is celebrating our wonderfully diverse and multicultural team which means our office international lunches are back!!

Every two months, different members of the team are hosting an international lunch which reflects the many nationalities and background found amongst the team such as British, Indian, Greek, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, to name a few. This team building task is designed to encourage creativity, but the most important thing is that we have fun and share cultural knowledge with the rest of the office through food, games and event highlights.

It is also an opportunity to take some time out of our busy schedules and spend time together as a team!

To kick things off, the Greek members of the team went all out with a true Greek ‘giortis’ (aka Celebration), bringing our very own Principal taverna into the office! We are lucky to have five colleagues from Greece and Cyprus, led by our very own Director Takis Kyprianou, who showcased the very best of the culture…and not to mention the delicious food! The team were quizzed on important and fun Greek trivia, traditions and islands whilst tucking into a never-ending true Greek meze.

The first lunch and the fantastic Greek team have set a high bar and will be hard for the upcoming lunches to beat, but we are already looking forward to the next one which is set to celebrate all things British. Just in time for the King’s Coronation!