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Principal. is officially certified as a Great Place to Work!

At Principal. we work hard to create a positive, nurturing, and empowering culture for everyone. This is why we are honoured to receive this recognition by both our amazing team and the Great Place to Work.

Becoming a certified is not just a recognition of the company, but also a celebration of our employees and the culture we’ve created together. A big thank you to our wonderful team who took the time to share their thoughts about working for Principal!

Here are some of the highlight results mentioned by the team in their responses:

  • 100% Our customers would rate the service we deliver as ‘excellent’.
  • 100% Promotions go to those who best deserve them.
  • 100% Our executives fully embody the best characteristics of our company.

And of course, we won’t stop here! We said we would celebrate what we do well and look at all the outcomes to understand where we can do better, and that is exactly what we’re planning to do in the next year.

We’re committed to maintaining and enhancing this culture, ensuring we remain a place where everyone can grow and develop so watch this space in 2024!